Expanding possibilities

Seizing the opportunities ahead

“Strategy 2022 – Building for Growth” set the foundation for our transformation to become the global leader in innovative and sustainable building materials and solutions.

Under that strategy we embarked on an ambitious journey of portfolio transformation, using key strategic divestments to fund a series of value-enhancing acquisitions. Most of the bolt-on acquisitions have been in Ready-Mix Concrete and Aggregates, primarily located in mature markets.

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Expanding Solutions & Products

Shortly after announcing firm targets to expand the Solutions & Products business, we made major acquisitions to expand our roofing and specialty building materials offer.


In December 2021 we signed an agreement to acquire Malarkey Roofing Products, a leading company in the US residential roofing market with projected 2022 net sales of USD 600 million and EBITDA of USD 120 million. Malarkey Roofing Products has a track record of double-digit growth in the highly profitable USD 19 billion US residential roofing market. Malarkey is fully complementary to Firestone Building Products’ leadership in the commercial segment, positioning us as a full roofing provider. Malarkey’s strong brand recognition is driven by its leadership in innovation and sustainability with a highly circular business model.

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In January 2022 we further accelerated the expansion of our Solutions & Products business by agreeing to acquire PRB Group, France’s biggest independent manufacturer of specialty building solutions with 2022 (est.) net sales of EUR 340 million. PRB Group offers a broad range of high performance building solutions, from coatings and insulations to adhesives and flooring systems with advanced energy-efficiency and renovation solutions. With its leadership in sustainability and eco-design, PRB Group is a leading partner to support France’s new regulation (RE2020) advancing energy-efficiency in buildings.

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We are pushing the boundaries of innovation to shape the future of building to make it work for people and the planet. To make a bigger difference, we’re partnering with the brightest minds in our sector.

Our vision for construction is to build more new from the old, with recycled materials in every new building.

We can also deploy smart design to build for no waste, using only the materials that are needed and nothing more. With smart technologies like 3D concrete printing, using minimum materials for maximum strength, we can lower a building’s environmental footprint by up to 70%. As concrete is infinitely recyclable, we are working to keep it in use for as long as possible, recycling construction and demolition waste wherever we can.

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